Just You and Time

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Poetry
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I miss you,

when I look in her eyes,

I yearn reaching out

touching your cheek,

feeling your flush ask me for more,

moving together like two meaning lovers.

I miss

shoulders, soft and needing my hand to slide slow

underneath garments that waited for me

to return,

garments familiar with my desire,

waiting to be used against you,

brushing your lovely skin while my hands

explored inside,

wanting only you as lips touch,

we tease, tongue, taste, play, passionate,

while hands continue to find,

to explore, to then shudder,

your hands now,

yes, we are together on this …

I miss you,

seeing you,

your passion waiting for me pensive,

wondering if I might return.

I’m so sorry I didn’t ever return.

The ache continues …

  1. “the ache continues…:” words that resonate. I’ve come to the realization that the ache doesn’t ever go away. sometimes it’s like the pulse of my heartbeat and other times, it’s a twitch that flares up unexpectedly.

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