Will She Return

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Poetry
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Last night

she danced in my dreams,

turning them surreal,

letting them become real.

She let me,

she allowed me to touch her,

and my hands my lips, my desires,

all of my energy, desire, passion,

every moment of fantasy began

a slow caress,

her beauty, that elegance, those eyes,

so often in my mind,

in a public place,

a private meeting,

an encounter,

wherever we may be,

even when she was not near,

always part of my day’s delight.

Last night,

she let me inside,

she clothed me with silk fabric,

held me close with every gasp,

wandered around my world

with a candied frenzy

such is a delicious fervor

her lips beheld as my eyes rolled back in pleasure,

I submitted and journeyed forward,

her grace with lips and body,

skin touching, teasing,

letting, allowing, and finally


I held on, frantic,

not wishing to lose this chance,

her gift,

she unwrapped me with every glance,

and in that magical release

we slumber.


I wake to quiet, my next day,

the world begins, and I am empty, yet,


did she, were we, could I

believe in my yearning.

Could I taste, feel, remember,

last night.

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