Pine Trees in Winter

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Poetry
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We all know

the beauty of pine trees in winter

majestic, yearning to the sky,

hardy and strong,

holding their own without willow,

symbolic giants of elegant sway.

They carry the burden of cold tears,

hanging on branches, weighing them down,

like the human spirit,

a destiny far ahead outlasts the initial pain.

We can spend our lives wondering,

how strong we remain beyond the normal days.

I know I would like to be a force of strength,

but I am lost in my pining,

collapsing amongst the strength of nature,

not knowing when I might ever feel,

beauty and grace,

when might I finally let go,

and allow the world around me

to grow with desire, with delight,

when will my woe

shake off the limbs of uncertainty,

and flourish in the morning sunlight.

When will my life melt away the tears.

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