Surreal Sweet Sunlight

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Poetry
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© Carl Waner

eyes open

her naked shoulder,


watch her breathing move

eyes on her

shoulder, naked,

knowing last night

I disrobed her …

breathe, smooth, peaceful,

fingertips, one trace where skin and sunlight

blend artful design,

touch, wish gasp, sweet, waking.,

circles now her scapula my canvas,

while pulling linens down fingertips join each other,

slip to palm breeze lifts skin to skin,

gasps begin without her movement.

I can imagine her sweet smile,

Free hand finds hair, intermingling fingertips,

‘mmm’ slow, seductive emanate sound,

my journey begins,

my hand searches now across the horizon of a naked shoulder,

cupping, pressing,

fingertips flit feeling her arousal rise in my hand,

as now I press, fold, knead,

while my fingertips slide further into your hair,

you respond to my touch,

lean back to open your breasts to my eyes,

and your lips look to mine for need,

pressing, wet, new morning,

the motions begin well drawn

from my need, your desire, beauty elegance,

my need …

good morning love.

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