walks in town

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Poetry
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I would walk for you,

sinewy shadows in storefront windows,

saying hello with distant smiles,

each passing rush of mortar and brick

with velvet lines, to obscure what I might never have,

yet here I stand, lolling, wanting, imagining,

when in a moment

I might know your pain,

I’m the guy,

looking at you,

strolling through mid-town,

having a peek at your seductive pose,

without ever knowing deep inside,

in a psyche untold,

lives an anxiety,

constantly quelled with

handfuls of pills, a needle, perhaps scotch,

whatever your manner of coping

with, with, and with again, with

Tonight I’m looking at you,

imagining the moment,

when inside I might find your passion,

but is it desire?

The streets of Amsterdam

I would love your commentary

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