Upholstered Visits

Posted: January 13, 2015 in erotica
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We did recreate hands on windows,

finding a rhythm with just the right sexy motion,

our untapped anxiety driving each thrust,

nightly opportunity to hold one another,

scrambling fingertips, lips thriving,

touch that brought skin alive as clothes dropped aside,

blouse, slacks, dress nearby, ready to return,

if lights or a knock or even a visual movement outside,

suddenly catch our eye,

while glancing at one another’s delicious desire

those cold winter nights, when the upholstery,

later in the tryst would feel that sort of damp,

kind of an icy delight, our thighs would connect, stick,

with what had become of our initial embrace,

We were physically tucked in a cove,

I always wondered who might be

deep in the wood of this off road mecca,

that place that in the night sky,

we only wanted to be safe in park,

I wondered if we might entertain them …

While driving home,

yes slamming hot our desires to unleash

yanking lust of simple pleasure,

pure abandon while trying, yearning to outdo

one another’s demonstrative sensual release.

The upholstery let us visit,

we knew about it later in the week,

driving with our lives,

recalling each night.

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