Looks and Levis

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Poetry
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I was sitting in the joint,

with my usual scan,

pretty simple,

look around and hope for …

a smile.

That’s the invite,

long before we know how

far our fingertips might


A glance, a sweet passing of her hand,

across lovely golden bangs,

that open up her neck,

her low-cut, just plain green shirt.

No symbols, not a logo, buttonless,

just a delightful eye-teasing tight fit,

sucked deep into a pair of Levi jeans.

You know that comfortable fit,

the sort she’ll wear for days,

and then maybe eight sunsets later,

she’ll whisper in your ear,

while her hand is gently stroking

the outside of your own 505’s …

they feel just right,

don’t ya think,

and I can’t help but dive my hands all over her body.

The lights go up, its last call again,

her smile remains, brushes by,

just a breeze of that solid green tease

soft ass sliding up the stairwell.

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