Something About a Dance

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Poetry
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The way she moves,

on a dime,

toe planted and swing

supine, slender, salacious

with a passion,

she’ll steel the room

and I guess that’s fine,,

oh how much I desire

to sip that …

to desire a sweep

of only her eyes.

I want her to want me,

to let me drink her …

I can feel my hands,

slide upon her curves,

thin fabric let’s me know

she can feel my eyes,

tracing her,

damp, shine, a lustre

to that naked skin,

I will delight like

a fine …

oh my sweet dance,

move through my mind,

and let me taste you,

taste her,

dance with me,

seduce my wine.

  1. So good… you’ve captured the wonder of watching a woman dance beautifully, when it’s hypnotizing and you can’t take your eyes off of her.

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  2. Wet Bliss says:

    Mmm the dance moves fluidly through our body and mind capturing a perfect rhythm and moment in time. Yup, I enjoy a good dance. 🙂


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