Guys Imagine

Posted: January 18, 2015 in erotica
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Morning touch,

I feel your hand envelop my naked breast,

my nipple cupped in your palm,

when fingertips damp with lips,

begin to caress my desire, found.

I wish nothing else yet that intensity,

as my eyes begin to recognize

the morning sun mixed in surreal remedy

of yearning hands while a mouth begins

to taste my shoulders, wet with desire.

Awake my eyes look for his,

I want him to love me,

I wish to believe he wants me with every stroke,

I will let him have every part of me,

he desires,

only if he will please

ravish me as I feel his intensity grow as he

gathers me against his body,

I am ready for him,

accepting ranging fingertips,

now tongue,

now naked self sometime glancing

my inner thighs, suggestive needs.

yes, I want him to rip my panties down my thighs,

I want his hardness inside me,

I listen as his fingertips gather in his mouth,

a moisture I know he now slides

wet along the head of an erect penis,

his that I know,

and when he does,

he is inside me,

I know,

he loves me.


Guys imagine,

yet she deserves so much more …

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