I Reach Again

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Poetry
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Moments always hazy,

a riverbank,

soft flowers cover a path,

damp petals tease my skin,

as I glance,

she is nearby.

White linens

drape her beauty,

in a forest green,

she is smiling,

without showing her face.

I know though,

you are there,

waiting, and hopeful.

Reaching the water’s edge,

I’ve stood here many times,

There is a river running between us,

contains all of the lies and deceit,

coupled with streams of dance,

delicious memories.

I’ve been here before,

wanting to recreate the love,

yet today,

I cannot imagine anything more,

than finally,

the feel of your body against mine.

I won’t pretend to lift the veil

of your pure linens.

Our time,

is now symbolic,

for I step into the river flow,

I reach again …

I would love your commentary

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