Posted: January 28, 2015 in Poetry
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this post is inspiring … to be sure this is a reblog of Jasmine Soul’s lovely writing below. Her prose and picture inspired my poem. 🙂

When The Rains Came


I was then part of the rain,
soaking my body, wet garments
enveloping hot skin to ease
lost comfort of summer’s heat.
Yes, watch me dance
in the rain with smile,
I am myself the woman
I believe is beautiful,
the rains envelop me
tease my desire to be aroused,
this is my delicious travel,
the rain moves me, tastes me
comforts me from the pain,
of you.
Now today, I dance sweet,
knowing I am this world,
and not the trappings
your selfish pride holds me to.
Watch me dance, watch me cry,
know this day is mine,
alone in the rain

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