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Passion Realized

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Erotic, erotica
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It is me,

that imagines you,

like this, ready, wanting

I will dive in a moment for you,

just testing,

standing upon the edge,

wondering when I look in your eyes,

what is my reflection?

How do I know if I might delve,

deeper, beyond my teasing.

I want you to know what happens

with my fingertips when I imagine you.

It is me,

that would much rather be,

doing this to you, tonight.

When I Awoke

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Erotic
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a soft sensation,

eyes feel daylight

while I realize she is there

tongue in motion,

soft circles underneath my head

while fingernails trace my inner thigh one,

the other set sliding along my chest.

I simply lay there, slowly waking,

now seeing her eyes look for me,

with a smile as she drools a bit of soft lips over head,

now a long slow swallow that spreads my legs,

and that fingertip, the original trace on my inner thigh

has found slip passage inside me.

Such deliberate sensation my hands reach,

fingers twirl in her morning hair, pulling her upon me,

yet, not deliberate for I know she wants to lead.

I relax again, letting her magic relish,

her gift, this lovely surprise,

when I awoke.