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Guys Imagine

Posted: January 18, 2015 in erotica
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Morning touch,

I feel your hand envelop my naked breast,

my nipple cupped in your palm,

when fingertips damp with lips,

begin to caress my desire, found.

I wish nothing else yet that intensity,

as my eyes begin to recognize

the morning sun mixed in surreal remedy

of yearning hands while a mouth begins

to taste my shoulders, wet with desire.

Awake my eyes look for his,

I want him to love me,

I wish to believe he wants me with every stroke,

I will let him have every part of me,

he desires,

only if he will please

ravish me as I feel his intensity grow as he

gathers me against his body,

I am ready for him,

accepting ranging fingertips,

now tongue,

now naked self sometime glancing

my inner thighs, suggestive needs.

yes, I want him to rip my panties down my thighs,

I want his hardness inside me,

I listen as his fingertips gather in his mouth,

a moisture I know he now slides

wet along the head of an erect penis,

his that I know,

and when he does,

he is inside me,

I know,

he loves me.


Guys imagine,

yet she deserves so much more …

Upholstered Visits

Posted: January 13, 2015 in erotica
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We did recreate hands on windows,

finding a rhythm with just the right sexy motion,

our untapped anxiety driving each thrust,

nightly opportunity to hold one another,

scrambling fingertips, lips thriving,

touch that brought skin alive as clothes dropped aside,

blouse, slacks, dress nearby, ready to return,

if lights or a knock or even a visual movement outside,

suddenly catch our eye,

while glancing at one another’s delicious desire

those cold winter nights, when the upholstery,

later in the tryst would feel that sort of damp,

kind of an icy delight, our thighs would connect, stick,

with what had become of our initial embrace,

We were physically tucked in a cove,

I always wondered who might be

deep in the wood of this off road mecca,

that place that in the night sky,

we only wanted to be safe in park,

I wondered if we might entertain them …

While driving home,

yes slamming hot our desires to unleash

yanking lust of simple pleasure,

pure abandon while trying, yearning to outdo

one another’s demonstrative sensual release.

The upholstery let us visit,

we knew about it later in the week,

driving with our lives,

recalling each night.

Throw Me

Posted: January 11, 2015 in erotica
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I threw her against the wall,

heard her shoulders slam,

watched her back completely

bounce upon the wall.

she put her eyes on me,

“I like it” she said,

as I now slapped her across the left cheek,

she reached with her right hand

to feel the welt,

she looked at me with a smile,

held out her chin,

sort of a – nail the other side posture,

I slapped her across the right cheek,

drew a little blood,

she smiled,

took her fingertip and drew up the blood

and licked it while her left hand,

raised her skirt to a naked,


I flipped her around

slammed her body into the wall,


so hard I could hear her gasp,

I pulled her hair back,

her eyes looked at me in a vicious gaze

she said, ‘please fuck me’

and so I did.

I fucked her til I bruised …

until her moans turned to stifled cries,

as I released inside of her and while

she slowly melted to the floor

kicked her thigh, exposed, left a new redness.

she touched it with her fingertips,

and looked at me again with a,

“let’s do this some more”


Then in a moment I felt the sunlight peer through the bedroom window,

I woke to realize this isn’t me at all, my God, this could never be me.

She Comes to Mind

Posted: January 11, 2015 in erotica
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When on a crisp morning, her blush in daylight

speaks to me in silence, suggestive sweep

of eyes scan notice looks, smiles, select

moments for admirer to choose chance.


First touch is hair, fingertips enter,

while soft languor covets skin,

just this, enough to arouse eyes,

hands feel blessed teasing love.


lips drawn toward a meet

of anticipation, smiles become

ready form to grace each other,

eager, anxious delight begins.


Your taste while I look inside

sultry eyes, saying go, go

draw my hips against yours

hands slide and shoulders …


While now tongues play

gasps and fever arise

my need to taste all of you

begins, soft lips, just love.


Our bodies now connect,

I feel your breasts as we

begin to breathe in one

another’s sex – nipples.


a blouse began my passion

that now slides along my chest

feeling your nipples draw to

my waist, I’m eager, eyes close.


Will you please unlatch my …

yes, as zipper falls and finger-

tips touch inside sliding sweet

lips delve into a grasp of me …


I lean back against today’s wall.

Marriage and Sex

Posted: January 2, 2015 in erotica, on poetry, Poetry
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I told you the other day I wanted to make love

to you and only you,

I would never reveal to you the faces,

the many eyes, her bodice, the longing legs,

that passed through my mind,

while I fucked you,

I mean,

yes, you asked, I mean when I made love to you.

Passion Realized

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Erotic, erotica
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It is me,

that imagines you,

like this, ready, wanting

I will dive in a moment for you,

just testing,

standing upon the edge,

wondering when I look in your eyes,

what is my reflection?

How do I know if I might delve,

deeper, beyond my teasing.

I want you to know what happens

with my fingertips when I imagine you.

It is me,

that would much rather be,

doing this to you, tonight.


Hands yearn to begin this journey,

when sweet silks slide soft

lips desire touch,

to caress, forever breathe passion

all become real

when she waits in elegance,

seductive posture,

arching her world for me,

a smile

showing me her need,

her beauty center,

garments gather in the middle of her back,

my hands reach, ankle,and back

while my lips trace wet pleasure

gathering close, my fingertips

want slow tease, while you chuckle

with slow soft gasps as I draw,

lips, touch, knead,circles, tongue,

my face damp, hands slide,

aroused skin, your body moves


Rock my face with her lovely design,

my tongue is hungry,

hands reach, slide to find

nipples waiting ready to be held,

while now my touch flits … center,

I only want to bring her home,

gasps now loud and unbridled

as your fingertips clench the edges

feeling desire touch, naked,

I will gather in her clit

swollen in my gentle teeth,

your travel in fantasy’s eyes.