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Being Me Inside

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Love, Poetry
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Trying to imagine

what that feeling might be,

to have me there


being the reason for your gasps,

only for the purpose

of pleasing me.

Wait a second,

and I might change my mind,

if suddenly in the throes of passion,

I see in your eyes a pleasure derived.

That might make it about us then,

less selfish,

more giving,

less selfish,

more giving,

less quest for your submission,

more delight in having provided you,

with a certain …

a piece of …

delicious and sensual, satisfaction.

Maybe then I might finally understand

why you sometimes make it so difficult

to let me inside. I respect that.

When Your Cheek Flush Sang

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Love, Poetry
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I remember

I was reaching

my eyes inside your own

I want to yet I wonder

will you turn away

act surprised

will you suggest I wait

and thank me for the night?

I reached

my skin felt love

a sense of delicious envy

crossed my mind

as I imagined all the others

who were not now in this moment.

They wouldn’t have the chance,

the touch that sent shivers to my loins

as I knew,

I waited still hopeful

yet confident

your reach would now find me.

Fingertips exploring our lives

in a sweeping drive of passion,

my skin turns to fingers tangling

in your hair, the strands that returned

came quickly upon you,

came upon a sensation that now suggests

“will you pull me toward your lips.”

©Michael Fountain

©Michael Fountain


How quickly the moment has fallen to memory

when an autumn afternoon,

an explanation in tender eyes

drawing a design

in compassionate circles

the bark slowly fading, breaking apart

to reveal a naked soul,

pure in your hands, held with meaning.


hands with sweet intent reached yours

while one allowed the other slipped the twig


inside a breast pocket  for a later use

needed by only one as now

my hands traveled to your waist

tracing a soft cotton brief, as I nudged you near

legs would then dance from the soil

wrap inside my thighs …


I would late feel your hair across my chin

while I glance upon galaxies

feeling warm

a naked thigh lay gently across my body

satisfying restful manhood,

my eyes knowing only the stars

with simple sweet … love


Awakened a breeze will tease my chest,

eyes open to feel a naked twig is at rest