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She’s over there, probably the first to catch my eyes,

head turned away, I can just glance,

noticing sharp features and of course,

posture in profile.

Similar travels my fingertips

relish when given the open door,

that door, so securely tight.

I look over on the other side,

dark tan, almost a little literal burn,

not sure there is enough lotion,

to allow her skin to become a soft,

twirl with open palm while trying,

oh just trying, yes, with eyes rolling trying.

If I could simply walk up to her,

and while she teases her bangs unconsciously,

if I could suggest

that tonight,

I will give you a freedom,

that I only wish you to enjoy,

If that might be the possibility,

I imagine, the throes,

the blush in cheeks,

the writhing legs, and arms tightening around my back.

Yes, it is ok to scratch, in fact if you do,

I will be discreet and only wear them for my own,


Yes, I am sizing up the room,

wondering if I might,

I could,

she might, that is the rather question,

is it really a question?

Cannot our eyes truly generate a response.

I would gladly spend another night,

just sizing up the women in the room,

if the damn lights wouldn’t suddenly dim,

telling me, polite like, time to go home.

Marriage and Sex

Posted: January 2, 2015 in erotica, on poetry, Poetry
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I told you the other day I wanted to make love

to you and only you,

I would never reveal to you the faces,

the many eyes, her bodice, the longing legs,

that passed through my mind,

while I fucked you,

I mean,

yes, you asked, I mean when I made love to you.

Weep Quiet, the Coming Storm

Posted: December 12, 2014 in on poetry
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We cry for humanity, when our errors are revealed,

the public marketplace sells tickets

for a daily stoning and the world attends.

In the front row they stood only to have a chance

to be the first menace to draw blood.

Everyone roared in support of this directed


A mass burial of ignorance run rampant.


We lose lives everyday to a timeless reality,

and yet the living go on personal walks of shame.

When we die everyone forgets, everyone forgives.

yet when we are living, we cannot abide

a societal miscue, a divisive act of depravity

that shakes all of our strength to the core of


A mass burial of ignorance run rampant.


I know a man, I knew a man, I did,

who favored a world of love and peace,

a hauntingly powerful man with an elegance

that named me, my namesake, I am his name.

Tonight I weep with quiet tears in our salvation,

while three beautiful souls begin their journey,

one human being remains trapped in scrutiny.


Funerals and weddings, parlors and dance halls,

smokey dens, and back alleys, a gentleman’s club,

freeway solicitations and library exposures,

we are a society driven by our flesh alone.