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She’s over there, probably the first to catch my eyes,

head turned away, I can just glance,

noticing sharp features and of course,

posture in profile.

Similar travels my fingertips

relish when given the open door,

that door, so securely tight.

I look over on the other side,

dark tan, almost a little literal burn,

not sure there is enough lotion,

to allow her skin to become a soft,

twirl with open palm while trying,

oh just trying, yes, with eyes rolling trying.

If I could simply walk up to her,

and while she teases her bangs unconsciously,

if I could suggest

that tonight,

I will give you a freedom,

that I only wish you to enjoy,

If that might be the possibility,

I imagine, the throes,

the blush in cheeks,

the writhing legs, and arms tightening around my back.

Yes, it is ok to scratch, in fact if you do,

I will be discreet and only wear them for my own,


Yes, I am sizing up the room,

wondering if I might,

I could,

she might, that is the rather question,

is it really a question?

Cannot our eyes truly generate a response.

I would gladly spend another night,

just sizing up the women in the room,

if the damn lights wouldn’t suddenly dim,

telling me, polite like, time to go home.