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Posted: January 28, 2015 in Poetry
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this post is inspiring … to be sure this is a reblog of Jasmine Soul’s lovely writing below. Her prose and picture inspired my poem. 🙂

When The Rains Came


I was then part of the rain,
soaking my body, wet garments
enveloping hot skin to ease
lost comfort of summer’s heat.
Yes, watch me dance
in the rain with smile,
I am myself the woman
I believe is beautiful,
the rains envelop me
tease my desire to be aroused,
this is my delicious travel,
the rain moves me, tastes me
comforts me from the pain,
of you.
Now today, I dance sweet,
knowing I am this world,
and not the trappings
your selfish pride holds me to.
Watch me dance, watch me cry,
know this day is mine,
alone in the rain

I Reach Again

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Poetry
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Moments always hazy,

a riverbank,

soft flowers cover a path,

damp petals tease my skin,

as I glance,

she is nearby.

White linens

drape her beauty,

in a forest green,

she is smiling,

without showing her face.

I know though,

you are there,

waiting, and hopeful.

Reaching the water’s edge,

I’ve stood here many times,

There is a river running between us,

contains all of the lies and deceit,

coupled with streams of dance,

delicious memories.

I’ve been here before,

wanting to recreate the love,

yet today,

I cannot imagine anything more,

than finally,

the feel of your body against mine.

I won’t pretend to lift the veil

of your pure linens.

Our time,

is now symbolic,

for I step into the river flow,

I reach again …

I Like a Country Girl

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Poetry
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Maybe its the boots, that suggest in a sexy way,

I’ll kick your ass if you fuck with me,

to a guy, lost in her sundress and ignoring the boots,

well that’s kind of a turn on to see the passionate eyes,

of a woman ready to stomp on your pride

Something About a Dance

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Poetry
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The way she moves,

on a dime,

toe planted and swing

supine, slender, salacious

with a passion,

she’ll steel the room

and I guess that’s fine,,

oh how much I desire

to sip that …

to desire a sweep

of only her eyes.

I want her to want me,

to let me drink her …

I can feel my hands,

slide upon her curves,

thin fabric let’s me know

she can feel my eyes,

tracing her,

damp, shine, a lustre

to that naked skin,

I will delight like

a fine …

oh my sweet dance,

move through my mind,

and let me taste you,

taste her,

dance with me,

seduce my wine.

The Other Day

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Poetry
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I thought of you,

that night,

we were together,

with everyone,


I couldn’t move,

like a little kid,

I only watched your legs

move near mine,

my hand frozen,

wanting to touch you,

wanting to feel only your skin,

upon my urging fingertips.

That night,

I wanted to play with you

while everyone

discreetly knew …

I have to wonder

how many

really did realize

the many nights

we no longer thought about

our clothes,

an afterthought,

laying piled in a rush,

nearby, naked, nostalgia.

Looks and Levis

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Poetry
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I was sitting in the joint,

with my usual scan,

pretty simple,

look around and hope for …

a smile.

That’s the invite,

long before we know how

far our fingertips might


A glance, a sweet passing of her hand,

across lovely golden bangs,

that open up her neck,

her low-cut, just plain green shirt.

No symbols, not a logo, buttonless,

just a delightful eye-teasing tight fit,

sucked deep into a pair of Levi jeans.

You know that comfortable fit,

the sort she’ll wear for days,

and then maybe eight sunsets later,

she’ll whisper in your ear,

while her hand is gently stroking

the outside of your own 505’s …

they feel just right,

don’t ya think,

and I can’t help but dive my hands all over her body.

The lights go up, its last call again,

her smile remains, brushes by,

just a breeze of that solid green tease

soft ass sliding up the stairwell.

my piece is inspired by this delightful piece of writing … 🙂

Creative Noodling

“Too bad I don’t have the wife’s van again,” Mr. Past chuckled as we approached his four door sedan.

“That was wrong on so many levels,” I said smiling.

“Yeah,” he said as we got in the car, “I had to chuck that air mattress because you soaked it so badly.”

“No!” I gasped, “It wasn’t that bad!”

“It was!” he insisted. “Best $30 I ever threw away in my life.”

I sat in the passenger seat trying to not be embarrassed that I had lost control like that. When I looked up at his gentle teasing and met his eyes all I saw was love. Our eyes locked for a full two seconds. I don’t know if he moved first or I did, but there in the dark, inside his parked car we met across the center console in a passionate kiss.

I leaned into him, drawing him…

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