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A Quiet Site

Posted: November 14, 2017 in Poetry

This site is relatively quiet with very little new material. My primary site is

Thanks for your visit, and I do hope you pop over to my main site. 🙂

Musings …

Waking Autumn

Posted: October 8, 2017 in Love, Poetry, Sonnet
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When I recall the quiet noise of morn

The days I pine, the darker eyes that loom

Ask less my mind, for when I in a gloom

It is the sky I seek to slow forlorn


The memory a haunt of sorrow found,

As lives we sow are asked to further go.

Beyond the real of the love we know

Is sunlight sure to welcome saner ground.


In between slats of home a golden air

Bemuse fear of letting go, losing her

For it is beautiful the morning stir

Of golden leaves – descend summer’s ware.


So when in the morning sun I wake alone

Her elegance in brilliant sky be shown.

“I dreamed of you”

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Poetry

This man presents a volume of intriguing words. I always appreciate when you ramble through my work John – This one of yours is delightfully poignant. 🙂


I dreamed of you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words create by perfect art.


(Thank you Tumblr-Milo Moire- A goddess)

I dream of you

I remember Paris. You were in your perfect place and free. Your mind running wild in the beauty of the old city of Paris. The kind,  City of lights.

We became part of the midnight myths and we danced where Hemingway lived his books. We create our places with the ancient lovers finding dance and  song inviting hot and dangerous nights.

You told me. “I want lover’s tryst and to have the vagabond heart. Love should be set in motion for us to be serenaded by sensuous kiss  and  wicked embrace seen by the Paris moon. I want us enraged with explosive lovemaking. Making the sleeping Gods come alive my Johnnie.”

Exquisite beauty danced for me by the lights of the candles. The open windows allowed…

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Posted: July 16, 2017 in Poetry
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Words, keywords,

what drives your eyes

to wander further,

how is it possible I might find the right,

frame of mind,

passage through time,

correct association,

how possible

is it to imagine

you will move quickly past


and find an end.

Shaking Hands

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Poetry

I haven’t found a way,

to alter the frame of mind,

still hoping, waiting,

still wondering if there is life after

falling into a corner collapse

where the only tangible piece I could recall,

was glancing toward the light,

only to notice

shaking hands.


Posted: January 28, 2015 in Poetry
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this post is inspiring … to be sure this is a reblog of Jasmine Soul’s lovely writing below. Her prose and picture inspired my poem. 🙂

When The Rains Came


I was then part of the rain,
soaking my body, wet garments
enveloping hot skin to ease
lost comfort of summer’s heat.
Yes, watch me dance
in the rain with smile,
I am myself the woman
I believe is beautiful,
the rains envelop me
tease my desire to be aroused,
this is my delicious travel,
the rain moves me, tastes me
comforts me from the pain,
of you.
Now today, I dance sweet,
knowing I am this world,
and not the trappings
your selfish pride holds me to.
Watch me dance, watch me cry,
know this day is mine,
alone in the rain

I Reach Again

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Poetry
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Moments always hazy,

a riverbank,

soft flowers cover a path,

damp petals tease my skin,

as I glance,

she is nearby.

White linens

drape her beauty,

in a forest green,

she is smiling,

without showing her face.

I know though,

you are there,

waiting, and hopeful.

Reaching the water’s edge,

I’ve stood here many times,

There is a river running between us,

contains all of the lies and deceit,

coupled with streams of dance,

delicious memories.

I’ve been here before,

wanting to recreate the love,

yet today,

I cannot imagine anything more,

than finally,

the feel of your body against mine.

I won’t pretend to lift the veil

of your pure linens.

Our time,

is now symbolic,

for I step into the river flow,

I reach again …