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In the throes of love, we toss one another across the bed,

with wild abandon our kisses pushing our limbs to the side,

opening closets we occasionally leave secured instead

a quiet waiting desire, that begins a stir from deep inside,

waits to be tapped, hopes triggers will release, oh please

stop the light feathers, flitting circles, and firmly draw me in,

her smile is knowing with the ache of pleasure’s tease.

His arms reach, strong hands, firm on shoulders pin

her wet suck to the linens, eyes that suggest soft,

I am in control now, I want you to take much pleasure,

in the slow deliberation, tongues touch, sudden, hips aloft

to feel each other’s fire begin to mingle, gasps reassure

Abandon’s animal yet response, gentle coos of a dove

whilst the heat of exchange, their need, elegance in love