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The Other Day

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Poetry
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I thought of you,

that night,

we were together,

with everyone,


I couldn’t move,

like a little kid,

I only watched your legs

move near mine,

my hand frozen,

wanting to touch you,

wanting to feel only your skin,

upon my urging fingertips.

That night,

I wanted to play with you

while everyone

discreetly knew …

I have to wonder

how many

really did realize

the many nights

we no longer thought about

our clothes,

an afterthought,

laying piled in a rush,

nearby, naked, nostalgia.

How Many Times

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Poetry
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When watered down skies

revealed shadows

I never wanted to leave

I just didn’t know.

How many times

I wondered why I became

that fortunate soul

held in your arms

and even then

you gave me everything


knowing I might not return …


I miss your touch

skipping school,

our lunch

our hungry passion

driving our desire

while hours might stop

we traveled

oh my

we traveled in time.


How today in the quiet,

when measured lives

become just a memory,

we are told to let go

and keep dreaming.

Yet so often I lose

you in the waking sun.

©Michael Fountain

©Michael Fountain


How quickly the moment has fallen to memory

when an autumn afternoon,

an explanation in tender eyes

drawing a design

in compassionate circles

the bark slowly fading, breaking apart

to reveal a naked soul,

pure in your hands, held with meaning.


hands with sweet intent reached yours

while one allowed the other slipped the twig


inside a breast pocket  for a later use

needed by only one as now

my hands traveled to your waist

tracing a soft cotton brief, as I nudged you near

legs would then dance from the soil

wrap inside my thighs …


I would late feel your hair across my chin

while I glance upon galaxies

feeling warm

a naked thigh lay gently across my body

satisfying restful manhood,

my eyes knowing only the stars

with simple sweet … love


Awakened a breeze will tease my chest,

eyes open to feel a naked twig is at rest