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Waking Autumn

Posted: October 8, 2017 in Love, Poetry, Sonnet
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When I recall the quiet noise of morn

The days I pine, the darker eyes that loom

Ask less my mind, for when I in a gloom

It is the sky I seek to slow forlorn


The memory a haunt of sorrow found,

As lives we sow are asked to further go.

Beyond the real of the love we know

Is sunlight sure to welcome saner ground.


In between slats of home a golden air

Bemuse fear of letting go, losing her

For it is beautiful the morning stir

Of golden leaves – descend summer’s ware.


So when in the morning sun I wake alone

Her elegance in brilliant sky be shown.


Posted: July 16, 2017 in Poetry
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Words, keywords,

what drives your eyes

to wander further,

how is it possible I might find the right,

frame of mind,

passage through time,

correct association,

how possible

is it to imagine

you will move quickly past


and find an end.

When you allow me to,

I delight in seeing you,

quiet in your world

fingertips, hair, twirled.

I am that gentleman

only just another man;

across the room you relax

eyes of yours attracts

many realities in a day

hearts you truly sway.

Yet, when the moment

calls for our lament

we might to you toward

hesitate to be forward.

We create a quiet delight

only you can shed light

on who you might be

across the room so free.

We are simple fools

when you hold the tools.

Our fantasy in place

leaves little self efface,

for when the moment leaves,

mystique your beauty weaves

casts us in a wanton spree,

setting lustful notions ever free.

When I Awoke

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Erotic
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a soft sensation,

eyes feel daylight

while I realize she is there

tongue in motion,

soft circles underneath my head

while fingernails trace my inner thigh one,

the other set sliding along my chest.

I simply lay there, slowly waking,

now seeing her eyes look for me,

with a smile as she drools a bit of soft lips over head,

now a long slow swallow that spreads my legs,

and that fingertip, the original trace on my inner thigh

has found slip passage inside me.

Such deliberate sensation my hands reach,

fingers twirl in her morning hair, pulling her upon me,

yet, not deliberate for I know she wants to lead.

I relax again, letting her magic relish,

her gift, this lovely surprise,

when I awoke.

Weep Quiet, the Coming Storm

Posted: December 12, 2014 in on poetry
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We cry for humanity, when our errors are revealed,

the public marketplace sells tickets

for a daily stoning and the world attends.

In the front row they stood only to have a chance

to be the first menace to draw blood.

Everyone roared in support of this directed


A mass burial of ignorance run rampant.


We lose lives everyday to a timeless reality,

and yet the living go on personal walks of shame.

When we die everyone forgets, everyone forgives.

yet when we are living, we cannot abide

a societal miscue, a divisive act of depravity

that shakes all of our strength to the core of


A mass burial of ignorance run rampant.


I know a man, I knew a man, I did,

who favored a world of love and peace,

a hauntingly powerful man with an elegance

that named me, my namesake, I am his name.

Tonight I weep with quiet tears in our salvation,

while three beautiful souls begin their journey,

one human being remains trapped in scrutiny.


Funerals and weddings, parlors and dance halls,

smokey dens, and back alleys, a gentleman’s club,

freeway solicitations and library exposures,

we are a society driven by our flesh alone.


Posted: December 10, 2014 in erotica, Poem, Poetry
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Home early to look for her in the garden,

perhaps to tease her flowers,

she is a vision in a suburban prison,

the relief of modern day.

Without sight I walk inside now,

wondering where,

and listen to the soft gasps,

that give me intrigue.

I know those sounds as they rise,

and settle into quiet

momentary lapses of desire’s passion,

for that is beauty,

and I have observed in her eyes,

watched when garden’s wet is

tended to with certain caring caress.

Step further and I am home,

to slide against a wall,

and glance at her lovely world.

She is in the throes,

her own quiet lovely afternoon,

to let fingertips play,

to allow passions so unbridled

to respond only to her,

her time to master a delicious release,

I feel my hand like a magnet,

reach inside my slacks, but wait,

I realize this is not my time,

only hers in the purest sense of love,

the self, the desire, her need,

I glance, she’s peaking.

It’s ok

I know

I do so want to,

that immediate vision

of you,

lips parted, a stealing tongue,

that knowing grin is miles away,

I would go there,

in a heartbeat if I could touch you,

I just want to see you,

let your fingertips travel slow,

let me watch you arouse me

in my imagination,

as you do,

without garments underneath a pencil skirt …

Well, there it is then,

the very reason while I sit here

feeling that reality is swell,

in my hands …

Take care of me like you do!