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Walking Home

Posted: January 7, 2015 in on relationships, Poetry
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When walking
home from school,
when she let you hold her hand,
that first moment
the sky exploded with the beauty of her,
so scared,
you purposely avoided looking in her eyes,
those first few steps,
until head tucked,
a glance,
and she was smiling
knowing you were looking,
and her hand felt wonderful
with each of your fingertips
touching her, this first time,
walking home.

Pine Trees in Winter

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Poetry
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We all know

the beauty of pine trees in winter

majestic, yearning to the sky,

hardy and strong,

holding their own without willow,

symbolic giants of elegant sway.

They carry the burden of cold tears,

hanging on branches, weighing them down,

like the human spirit,

a destiny far ahead outlasts the initial pain.

We can spend our lives wondering,

how strong we remain beyond the normal days.

I know I would like to be a force of strength,

but I am lost in my pining,

collapsing amongst the strength of nature,

not knowing when I might ever feel,

beauty and grace,

when might I finally let go,

and allow the world around me

to grow with desire, with delight,

when will my woe

shake off the limbs of uncertainty,

and flourish in the morning sunlight.

When will my life melt away the tears.


A simple mystique

human nature,

standing statuesque before me, I glance

my desires awakened

symbolic curves and passionate glance

Which is first,

the eyes or the … ah,

soft features that help your eyes glow

a romantic fury,

that may I light, or will that allure

you see from my posture,

body language

desire, passion

my mind moves quickly to that erotic interlude

the one unfolding before me

your curves drawing soft lips,’

caress, I begin to travel every region of you

drawn as model of beauty,

garments I would use to tease, to set the tone,

I would

I want,

my yearning to be inside … your fantasy.

as you stand

completely accepting.every glance

I might ask you to shadow your beauty

to steal you away,

to draw your eyes to my lips.

I might then begin,

to put my words aside.

I was walking alone along a thoroughfare

so many times I have

this same routine before

wondering whether you knew,

I always took this stroll for you.

Your window,

pretty flowers in your tray,

I knew you’d be there often

tending to your petals,

when in bloom

drew my mind, my soul, my body

toward you

standing below

waiting for your eyes

to invite me inside.

I would whistle a jazzy tune

just for you that’d be fun,

I want you to know

this guy standing outside, just there

is a fun guy strolling on the avenue.

Tend your flowers,

so I can see your beauty

leaning into the crisp air,

letting me glance a brief

travel in your world,

that beauty, that solemn wonder

so private so delicious I relish

with every stroll along the avenue!

How Many Times

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Poetry
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When watered down skies

revealed shadows

I never wanted to leave

I just didn’t know.

How many times

I wondered why I became

that fortunate soul

held in your arms

and even then

you gave me everything


knowing I might not return …


I miss your touch

skipping school,

our lunch

our hungry passion

driving our desire

while hours might stop

we traveled

oh my

we traveled in time.


How today in the quiet,

when measured lives

become just a memory,

we are told to let go

and keep dreaming.

Yet so often I lose

you in the waking sun.

When Your Cheek Flush Sang

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Love, Poetry
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I remember

I was reaching

my eyes inside your own

I want to yet I wonder

will you turn away

act surprised

will you suggest I wait

and thank me for the night?

I reached

my skin felt love

a sense of delicious envy

crossed my mind

as I imagined all the others

who were not now in this moment.

They wouldn’t have the chance,

the touch that sent shivers to my loins

as I knew,

I waited still hopeful

yet confident

your reach would now find me.

Fingertips exploring our lives

in a sweeping drive of passion,

my skin turns to fingers tangling

in your hair, the strands that returned

came quickly upon you,

came upon a sensation that now suggests

“will you pull me toward your lips.”


Posted: August 11, 2014 in Poetry
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A conversation always exists

in my head

about you, more me

more about me and losing


When once we endear

shattered circumstances

beyond just because

verging upon wasted time.

I want to


do you need to understand

or perhaps


reflection is brutal,

yet, time is delicious

I want to …